College Cup: 2012

Wow. What a way to wrap up the season. Everyone on the team worked so damn hard, in the weight room, on the water, and it showed when race day arrived. I was hella nervous though. I didn’t want all that hard work everyone put in to just go unnoticed. Thankfully, it didn’t. First race, for both boats, was stupid. I’m fairly certain not many boats even tried all that hard for the seeding heats. In the semis, things got much more heated. Legend was flying, Dairy did well. We placed where we though we would place, being given the spots we were. Legend accelerated into A division, but then there was confusion for Dairy’s placement. Traditionally, when only 3 heats are given, top 2 go to A, middle 2 go to B and bottom 2 go to C. However, since there were only 16 crews that were racing, only A division got 6 crews. B and C division had 5 crews each. So, that meant that they would have to distinguish between the middle 2 placements in the semis. Dairy was put into C division because of that. Oh well. Dairy ended up medaling, claiming 3rd in C. A division though. Oh. My. God. That was one of the most intense races I have witnessed and I really wish I was on Legend. Fuck my broken back mangggg. Outta the start, they were ahead. They were actually ahead for most of the race. But UCLA and UCSD both had one hell of a kick at the finish and walked it up. If the race were only just 15-20m shorter, we’d be hoisting that Golden Dragon.. Only ~1 second differentiated 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. UCSD took 1st, UCLA took 2nd, and DRD took 3rd. But oh well, we definitely made it close and made them earn their spots. Coaches and captains of other teams were congratulating us on racing so epically. They didn’t expect us to do so well. But that just shows, if you put in a shitton of hard work and dedication, you can achieve a lot. That ended the racing of the day. And the season. Then came the tears and the farewells. We have 5 seniors that will be graduating at the end of this school year or just graduated in the spring that won’t be continuing to paddle. Also, this was the last race that Frederick would paddle as head coach. He had just started coaching right before I joined as a freshman. I kind of regret not staying with the team that summer, when most of our races are.. This past season was so much fun, and I really got to know most every paddler on the team atleast kinda well. Now old faces will be leaving and new ones joining, and the face of the team will change, as new Head Coach, Ryan Chiang put it. So as we move on to the offseason and begin “Fat Month,” I know I will still be hitting the gym to improve my fitness, because I want to improve upon this past season’s accomplishments. 

Photo Cred: Tomio

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